Body ecology diet coconut kefir

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body ecology diet coconut kefir

The Body Ecology Diet: Recovering Your Health and Rebuilding Your Immunity by Donna Gates

When I first developed severe food allergies, a friend gave me this book. It has some solid information on acid/alkali balance and the principles of detoxification, and it helped me better understand how nutrition is medicine - but I really cant recommend it for several reasons: Following this diet religiously will starve you. I can only imagine it being advisable as a detox program for the severely ill, while being monitored by a doctor. I dont believe the testimonials in the book about how easy it is to eat this way once youre used to it, which leads to my second complaint: This book is more propaganda than information. The author is clearly pushing her little cultured-coconut water starter kits and all the other products she sells. It pisses me off that so many of us are living with chronic, mystifying illnesses in a country without universal healthcare and books like this feed profit off our desperation.
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Body Ecology Diet, My little experiment with fermented foods and no sugar.

Go With Your Gut And Try Coconut Milk Kefir (Recipe)

Hello my friends. You are probably reading this because you want to make a change. Well, I felt the same way too. A few years ago when I turned 30, brown spots appeared on my face at the top of my cheek bones. It freaked me out!

Coconut water kefir is an immune boosting fermented beverage that helps to build good gut health and is full of electrolytes. Drink daily with each meal for better digestion. Coconut kefir was one of the first fermented beverage I made at home. Once I discovered coconut water could be fermented into a healthy probiotic beverage I had to try it! I enjoy making fermented foods and drinks so I decided to get back on the kefir making train!

Research shows that coconut water may protect against heart attack, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, and blood clots. Originally from the Caucasus Mountains in the former Soviet Union in Central Asia, the word kefir derives from the Turkish word "Keyif," which means "good feeling. Coconut water kefir is fermented and rich in beneficial bacteria and yeast. Enjoying coconut water kefir in your diet can benefit your kidneys, heart, immunity, and overall health. Coconut water kefir contains the beneficial microbes that are found in traditional kefir.

Coconut water kefir, made from the Kefir Starter , is fermented and rich in beneficial bacteria and yeast. Enjoying coconut water kefir in your diet can benefit your kidneys, heart, immunity, and overall health.
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Young Green Coconut Kefir

Great discoveries often stem from a touch of serendipity and some creative experimentation. Don Kidson, owner of the Living Lighthouse the raw foods center for the Los Angeles area , introduced Donna to the value of young green coconuts. Most Americans have seen and tasted the milk and meat of the mature brown, hairy coconut; a green coconut is really the same food, but it is just younger. Sometimes the green outer shells are cut off before they are shipped to U. Many health food stores will carry them upon request. Although the liquid of the young coconut has an abundance of minerals, Donna was concerned that it would be too sweet.

For 21 days so far, I have followed her guidelines. I have suspected for quite a while that I have a Candida Albicans overgrowth. I cannot explain how important this experience was for me. It was shocking. The changes I see in my body, strength, focus and sleep so far have me almost convinced to never eat sugar again. While I know that is definitely not possible, and that once I get control over the candida overgrowth I can have sugar here and there again, my feelings about sugar have changed. Probiotics are the organisms that help your body defend against disease causing bacteria, viruses, yeast and other unwelcome and dangerous invaders.

Coconut kefir is an amazingly healing probiotic drink having many desirable side affects:. Coconut kefir fits right into a candida and sugar free diet. Ingredients - 1 sachet of Body Ecology Kefir starter plus 1 litre of coconut water from fresh baby coconuts or, in this case, a litre carton of Coconut water plus optional - Ecobloom. It feeds them and helps to increase fermentation rates and bacteria population in a big way while not feeding unhealthy bacteria. It also helps to guarantee a successful ferment and definitely needed with the coconut yogurt where there is no sugar in the flesh to feed the bacteria during fermentation. We are very impressed with the difference it makes to the final product. How to tell when your Coconut Kefir is ready.

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  1. Learning how to make coconut kefir can help you restore your internal harmony, regain vitality probiotic protein shake - body ecology The Body Ecology Diet.

  2. The health of our bodies is, quite literally, determined by the health of our gut and the health of our gut is determined by how well balanced our good and bad bacteria is.

  3. Indigenous people of the tropics have long relied on young coconut water for energy and vitality.

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