Where did euclid go to school

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where did euclid go to school

Euclid Quotes (18 quotes)

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Euclid Biography

Euclid , Greek Eukleides , flourished c. Euclid was famous as the author of the Elements , a treatise that taught geometry through rigorous proofs of theorems. Euclid was from Alexandria , Egypt. According to him, Euclid taught at Alexandria in the time of Ptolemy I Soter , who reigned over Egypt from to bce. Medieval translators and editors often confused him with the philosopher Eukleides of Megara , a contemporary of Plato about a century before, and therefore called him Megarensis.

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Anyone interested in Greek history, ancient cultures, mathematics, physics, and natural sciences might be interested to learn about Euclid and his accomplishments. He is mentioned in nearly every mathematical textbook, and he is referenced in lots of historical texts and scientific texts as well. He is credited with developing many ideas, but first and foremost, he is understood to have been one of the greatest thinkers of all time. Euclid 's story, although well known, is also something of a mystery. He lived lots of his life in Alexandria , Egypt, and developed many mathematical theories. He is most famous for his works in geometry, inventing many of the ways we conceive of space, time, and shapes.

He is famous for the treatise Elements , which is considered to catalog and place much of Greek mathematics on a firm foundation. In Elements , the author deduced some geometrical principles based on a small set of axioms. Other themes approached in his work include conic sections, perspective, number theory, spherical geometry and rigor. His education and even birthplace are still in dispute. In it, he pulls together materials from others who studied and researched mathematics before him. He compiled much of that information along with his own original thoughts and research in Elements.

Born: c. Greece Died: c. Alexandria, Egypt Greek mathematician. The Greek mathematician math expert Euclid wrote the Elements, a thirteen-volume set of textbooks of geometry the study of points, lines, angles, and surfaces —the oldest major mathematical work existing in the Western world. Almost nothing is known of Euclid personally. It is not even known for certain whether he was really a creative mathematician or was simply good at collecting and editing the work of others. Most of the information about Euclid comes from Proclus — C.

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  1. Little is known about Euclid personally and we do not know what he looked like. He was born in around BC, was probably educated in Plato's school in.

  2. However hypothesis (ii) goes much further than this and would suggest that Euclid did not work out the syntheses of the locus with respect to three and four lines, . to mathematics at school in the s was from an edition of part of Euclid's.

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