Happy things to think about before bed

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happy things to think about before bed

Sleep Quotes (1378 quotes)

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Listen to This Dua before you go to Bed Each Night ?? - Can't Fall Asleep? Sleeping Problems?

21 Great Quotes to Read Before Going to Sleep

How you define an epic life for yourself may be different from what someone else would. In some form, we all wish to live a happy life, whether it is in our careers, finances or personal goals. Sleep is important to being able to successfully function, but before you head off to bed, check out these things that can put you in a positive frame of mind. People who live happy lives know that they have an important event, project or presentation tomorrow, take time before bed to rehearse it in their minds or aloud with the help of family. For example, lay out the clothes that you will wear tomorrow. Visualize yourself wearing that outfit and having people praise you for how successful you were, how great you sounded and looked.

Tags Living Happier. You know that awesome feeling when you wake up well-rested, energized, and ready to tackle the day? Try this really simple breathing technique to help you fall asleep. Here are 3 things you can do before bed to wake up happier:. Take a minute for gratitude practice. Studies show that gratitude helps you feel more optimistic and reduces stress and anxiety. This is a really powerful idea and I read something recently that inspired me to think about it more.

Some nights, no matter how relaxed you are physically, your brain doesn't wind down. But you can't help it: You go through your bedtime checklist to make sure you've showered, dimmed the lights, set your bedroom to 64 degrees Fahrenheit exactly, and you even managed to meditate a little before crawling under the covers. You've done it all, yet the second your head hits the pillow, your mind's racing, and never about anything positive, either. But no, your busy mind has to bother you by worrying about a 1 p. If you're anything like me, then you've probably tried every solution you can possibly think of: sipping on warm milk , adding adaptogenic powders to your hot cocoa, listening to music for sleep , the whole nine. Unfortunately, our brains are sometimes just plain stubborn. However, your thoughts are pretty powerful, and you do have the power to change them, if you're willing to put in the effort.

The right things to think about before bed are almost never the things your subconscious wants to focus on, so it's up to you to switch from.
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Everybody loves a good quote, and these words of wisdom can help you settle in for sweeter dreams and better night's sleep. Mood and perspective play a significant role on our mindsets before bed, which can in turn influence our quality of sleep. Think about your own experiences -- is there a difference in how you sleep when you're feeling good about things vs. A lot of that may have to do with what you're thinking about as you settle into bed. On those nights that you struggle to turn off the day and quiet your thoughts, a little motivation and encouragement may be helpful for sleep.

No offense to sheep, of course. A veritable smorgasbord of things keep me awake, but anxious thoughts are the biggest culprit. I've tried a lot of techniques to ease this nighttime stress, and a big one that works for me is focusing my mind on something, anything, that isn't my anxiety-inducing thought spiral. Counting sheep is fun and all, but what works even better is concentrating on things that make me feel grateful and content , which helps me drift off to a a perfectly dreamy sleep a lot faster. Here are some of my favorite topics:. This one is all visual, which is a great way to shut out any negative words floating around in your mind. To start, think of a place that you have only good associations with: Your best friend's house, your partner's bed, a movie theater, a pretty spot in a park, the possibilities are endless.

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