A few days in athens

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a few days in athens

A Few Days in Athens by Frances Wright

Frances Wright was an author, a feminist, a humanist, a naturalist philosopher and--like her friend Thomas Jefferson--a disciple of Epicurus. In this didactic novel, she bears witness to the noble philosophy and materialist ethics of personal happiness that nurtured them both.

A FEW DAYS IN ATHENS is a challenge to cultivate a mind without bias, to hold truth in high regard, to honor the innocence of others, and to love the wholesome virtues and human values within an entirely secular context. It is a rare pearl in the treasure of the intellectual legacy of the West.
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My wife and I are appending a week in Athens due to some business travel I have while in Germany this December We have a week to spend and we're thinking Athens might be a nice place to get maximum daylight and warmth rather than spend it in Germany which we have done in the past. Neither of us have been to Greece so the idea is a week in Athens So indulge me please while I wonder aloud: we'll have basically 6 days in Athens is that too much time? We're not sure. We enjoy culture, like to walk and sight-see and enjoy museums, food, drink, etc. But, after watching the Rick Steves' program on Athens he mentions Hydra and it looks wonderful!

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A few days in Athens, being the translation of a Greek manuscript discovered in Herculaneum. Part 1. A Few days in Athens, being the translation of a Greek manuscript discovered in Herculaneum. Reprinted from the American ed. A few days in Athens, being the translation of a Greek manuscript discovered in Herculaneum,. On the nature of knowledge, and kindred inquiries.

One of the great benefits of studying online is to receive the assistance and suggestions of others, and I am indebted to Ed Lee for directing my attention to what I now consider one of the most important books on Epicurus ever written. I also have to plead ignorance in failing to recognize the name Frances Wright as a contemporary and friend of Thomas Jefferson and Lafayette, or as a writer on any particular subject whatsoever. When Ed asked me eleven days ago if I had ever heard of the book, and I saw this link where it is available free on the internet , I immediately was amazed by what I was reading. I am going to tone down my enthusiasm here, but A Few Days in Athens is the a brilliant dialogue, in the style of Plato or Lucian, that presents in sweeping and engaging form a full defense of Epicureanism that really does seem worthy to have been written by a Lucretius or a Metrodorus. I am still amazed and admit to harboring some doubt that someone only twenty-six years old at the time could have written such a mature explanation of Epicurean thought.

If it's all Greek to you, follow the wise words of Julia Leach when making your Athens plans. Athens can seem like an intense, somewhat rough-around-the-edges city that you pass through on your way to a beautiful Greek island. Yet there is so much depth and richness to it, travelers shouldn't skip through too quickly. It's bustling and has several great secret addresses, along with iconic landmarks hello, Acropolis. If you take the time to do just a bit of planning or even if you don't , you can start or end a trip to Greece in this historic city after spending relaxing time on one or more of the destination islands. It's quite extraordinary that Athens has been inhabited for over 7, years. Take the time to explore its neighborhoods, many of which can be navigated in a single long walk, and since Athenians know how to have fun, book dinner at a taverna and linger over delicious mezedes and, my personal favorite, fresh seafood dishes of course meat options are plentiful as well.

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  1. A few days in Athens, being the translation of a Greek manuscript discovered in Herculaneum. by: Wright, Frances, Publication date.

  2. Athens has been mainly considered as a stopover destination before heading to the Greek islands.

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