List of female marvel characters

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list of female marvel characters

Marvel Fearless and Fantastic!: Female Super Heroes Save the World by Sam Maggs

More than 50 incredible female Super Heroes from the Marvel Comics universe inspire girls and women of all ages to be powerful, passionate, and persistent.

From Captain Marvel and Wasp to Storm and Shuri, this beautiful book profiles dozens of aspirational female comic-book characters, all of whom use their intelligence, strength, kindness, and courage to help others and save the world. Fierce fan-favorites such as Gamora, Squirrel Girl, and Black Widow feature alongside lesser known faces from all corners of the Marvel comic-book universe. Young girls will discover modern, diverse heroes they can relate to and look up to, including America Chavez and Kamala Khan. Featuring a foreword by Marvel Comics writer Kelly Thompson, DKs Fearless and Fantastic! is the ultimate tribute to Marvels most powerful women and girls, and a treasured gift for comic fans.

Illustrated with stunning comic-book artwork, and featuring inspiring quotations, each short biography is carefully curated to focus on the characters key abilities and achievements. With four chapters based on personal qualities-- Determined, Daring, Compassionate, and Curious--this book for girls and women of all ages will create new fans of comics, as well as inspiring comic-book creators of the future.
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Most Powerful Female Characters

The best female superheroes of DC and Marvel comics and movies ranked - our favourite 15 characters for International Women's Day. Before we even begin, we know there's no way to please everyone when ranking the finest females in DC and Marvel history. Second, superheroes is defined as any hero within the DC and Marvel universe plus a sneaky hero or two from elsewhere rather than someone with super powers.
Sam Maggs

Female Marvel superheroes who deserve their own shows: She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel and more

The unfortunate thing is that the Marvel movies have only now caught on to the fact that fans want to see more of these capable female characters. Hopefully, we continue to see much more of them as more Marvel films come out. The following list contains some of the characters we hope to see more of. Without further ado, here are 10 Strongest Female Marvel Characters. Even without the enhancement of the Phoenix Force, Jean Grey is one of the most powerful characters ever written. She is exceptionally talented when using her sometimes unpredictable telekinetic and telepathic powers.

There's just something about bad girls. The rush of a girl who can kick your butt is something special, too. When you combine these things, you get some of the most provocative women to grace the pages of Marvel comic books - the hottest super villains in the Marvel Universe. It goes without saying these marvel super villains have done harm to our favorite comic book heroes. Mystique does whatever she can to disrupt the X-Men.


Marvel took over the known universe by creating its own cinematic universe within it. But the tight lipped Marvel has not let on exactly what characters will come through the next phase, and which characters will come to lead franchises.

But here are a few super-powered ladies we think deserve their own series. And now it looks like ABC might be eyeing a Marvel female superhero series for its own network. Burke said the character would be "something brand new, mostly" to align with ABC's strategy of focusing on female superheroes. While we're excited that both ABC and Disney Plus are exploring more Marvel characters for upcoming shows, we have our own list of female superheroes we think deserve their own TV series. When lawyer Jennifer Walters gets an emergency blood transfusion from her cousin Dr. Bruce Banner, she ends up getting a milder case of his Hulk condition. Unlike Hulk, Walters can keep her emotions in check when she transforms into She-Hulk.


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