Mathletes vs athletes party costumes

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mathletes vs athletes party costumes

Double Dribble (Athlete vs. Mathlete, #2) by W.C. Mack

One month ago, academic whiz Russell Evans never thought hed be a basketball superstar. But now hes playing on the seventh-grade team alongside his fraternal twin, Owen, and theyre tearing up the court. The Pioneers are on a winning streak, and Russ and Owen are getting along better than ever. Until the Matthews twins (Mitch and Marcus) show up. These twins are a triple threat: practically basketball pros, academic geniuses, and . . . identical. Things heat up on the court and in the classroom as these brothers are poised to rule the school.

Now Russ and Owen are fighting for the spotlight, and sabotage seems like their only hope. But when Marcus suffers an injury and Mitch falters during a big game without him, it becomes clear that the Matthews are powerless when separated. Will Russ and Owen take advantage? Or do they have other plans in mind?
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Mathletes vs. Athletes

The Wildcat

That is why you should think about using one of these college party themes to keep everyone entertained:. Ugly Sweater — Order everyone to find the most obnoxious sweater money can buy. Anything But Clothes — Tell your guests to make an outfit out of garbage bags, newspapers, or duct tape. Anything except actual clothes. Bad And Boujee — Have everyone show off their money by wearing their most expensive clothing items. Drop it Like F.

Ally Estes , Editor-in-chief February 2, In light of Courtwarming, students have spent the last week in January dressing with the themes decided by student council. Thursday, February 1, was Mathletes vs. Students came to school dressed in either suspenders and ties or jerseys and baseball caps. Ally Estes is a senior with a passion for the liberal arts. If you want a picture to show with your comment, go get a gravatar.

The first night my friends and I went out, we were all a mess. Do we wear heels or sneakers? We quickly figured out that heels are NOT our friend on this hilly campus. Do we choose a romper or shorts? When we realized that, not only were we unsure about the party fashion protocol, but also now there were themed parties we would be attending, you can imagine the great eruption of chaos that broke out on our side of the hall. Buy it here!

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College and parties are like peas and carrots: They are an inevitable combination. Costume parties encourage creativity and are a break from the mundane. They allow me to be something other than a college girl. I can be a Power Ranger, an old school basketball player or an 80s Zumba instructor. However, a lot of costume and themed parties go beyond creative and fun to distasteful and offensive. Costumes can mock cultures or encourage stereotypes, often without the attendees or hosts being aware of their gross misstep. Eager hosts might select a party theme from Total Frat Move or Buzzfeed or try to replicate a rager held at University of [any state school with D1 sports], ignorant of the political incorrectness and damage they are causing.

Every so often, a fraternity will switch things up and decide to throw a themed party. This has its pros and cons. It's great because themed party outfits make for great Instagram posts and makes it feel like it's Halloweekend, which is one of the greatest weekends of college. The not-so-great part about themed parties is that it often leaves you scrambling for something to wear that fits the theme and, as odd as it seems, you would feel out of place dressed in normal clothes if everyone else is participating in the theme. So, save yourself the frustration and pick up a few of these themed party basics.

Posted by Jesse Collier Sep 29, 0. Halloween is coming fast, and with it comes the question: What costumes will you and your friends have to rock the night? We all want to look spectacular on Halloween without wearing the typical cheerleader or basketball player costume. These 10 cheap Halloween costume ideas will have people talking about your costume in a good way, we promise! The Avengers is the classic squad Halloween costume idea. In each of the costumes, be prepared to get creative! For example, if you wanted to dress up as Thor it works best if you have long blond hair in the first place , you could borrow a red cape and boots from someone and rock some grey pants and a grey shirt.

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