Picture of polar bear on iceberg

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picture of polar bear on iceberg

The Iceberg Hermit by Arthur J. Roth

Imagine yourself all alone in the bitter cold without food or drink and the nearest person was probably hundreds of miles away. You are just 17 years old.

In 1757, Scottish whaler Allan Gordon was in the northern Arctic waters when his ship hit an iceberg. All hands were lost except for this young man. THE ICEBERG HERMIT was based on his adventure.

The author did an excellent job transporting the reader to another time and place. You witness first-hand Allans anguish: his extreme loneliness, his worries about retrieving fresh water, and the frigid, glacial cold that keeps him from sleeping.

He was tormented because his father had died and he was the family breadwinner. He agonized over what his mother would think when she was told his ship had sunk. And what about his three sisters whom depended on him? Lastly, would his beloved Nancy wait for him to return home?

This particular story was originally published in 1974 and I could see where it would be an excellent tool for middle and high school discussion groups. I also think it is an excellent young adult book on ship-wrecks and survival for adults to consider. Observations after reading the story are, in fact, whether it really did happen.

The Scottish writer James Hogg wrote about this character in The Surpassing Adventures of Allan Gordon sometime in the early 1800s. His narrative was taken down by the schoolmaster Duff and was something Hogg was in possession of at the time. After skimming that story I realized that THE ICEBERG HERMIT is a gentled and romanticized (though this is NOT a romance) version of what supposedly happened. But many of the questions I had at the end of TIH were finally answered.
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Very funny - Polar Bear wrecks Spy Cameras! - Polar Bear Spy on the Ice (David Tennant)

Accompanying his paper (below) was a photo-shopped picture of a polar bear stranded on a shrinking piece of ice. A deception that skeptics.
Arthur J. Roth

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All rights reserved. Millions have seen the heart-wrenching video of a polar bear clinging to life , its white hair limply covering its thin, bony frame. Because of melting sea ice, it is likely that more polar bears will soon starve, warns a new study that discovered the large carnivores need to eat 60 percent more than anyone had realized. Turns out they are high-energy beasts, burning through 12, calories a day—despite sitting around most of the time, according to a unique metabolic analysis of wild bears published Thursday in Science. Polar bears rely almost exclusively on a calorie-loaded diet of seals.

By Louise Gray , Environment Correspondent. The pair became stranded after climbing onto the chunk of ice during a expedition to hunt seals. Soon the ice floe shrank down to just a few yards and rapidly drifted down the Olga Strait of Svalbard in Norway. But although the bears look frightened, huddled together in the centre of the iceberg, experts predicted that the agile swimmers will be able to get safely back to shore. Images of polar bears stranded out at sea are often used to highlight the affect of global warming on the North Pole.

Paul Souders is an American nature and wildlife photographer who has travelled extensively around the world. Here we present a series of his images taken in the Arctic, mostly in Svalbard, an archipelago halfway between mainland Norwway and the North Pole. You can see more of his work at www. A polar bear Ursus maritimus standing on the expedition yacht's bowsprit on fjord ice at Sabinebukta Bay at Irminger Point, Nordauslandet, Svalbard, Norway. Arctic sea ice decline. Striking cheetah images. Lions up close.

How do polar bears travel to Iceland?

What oddly seems to surprise so many people, reality can quickly disagree with the hypotheses and speculative models of scientists. The polar bear is a rich case in point. Due to hypotheses regards future effects of increasing CO2 on sea ice and polar bear health, CBD argued polar bears were endangered. So the CBD stepped up their demands and petitioned the Obama administration to list the bears as endangered. The PBSG published a status table for all the polar bear sub-populations showing in the best studied populations, 8 were declining. However, since those predictions have been unravelling.

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