Who was that girl in my dream

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who was that girl in my dream

The Girl in My Dream by Umagowri Lalitha

In the 1940s, famine swept Kunnuruthy town and a young boy named Jagan teamed up with the tribals and revolted against the British for the collection of taxes, but he got fatally injured in the end. In the present, Jagan is old and is running an orphanage and Maya, a young girl who arrives at his orphanage constantly dreams of a strange girl who leads her to a door through a secret tunnel. Maya finds that the girls name was Nila and sixty years ago, the girl had lived at the same mansion which was now the orphanage. She was in love with Jagan and something terrible had happened to her, which Maya have to find out. Told in two-time lines, 1940s during the British rule in India and 2005, this book is about how the lives of the two girls are intertwined together and how Maya and her friends eventually discover the chilling dark secrets buried years ago.
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Meaning of Dream «Woman»

All she wanted was her own world… The peace and serenity of its little pleasures, where the treasures of her life memories and experiences could be safe… She wanted a haven. She knew she need not be perfect, because true beauty lies in the imperfections that make her unique, human, her… and that was perfection itself. So this beautiful lady toils through the days of her life, as the adversities of life take their toll… She carries on with the will of a raging bull cloaked by her catlike poise, she personifies silent fortitude. The world is a scary place she was told, the world is a complex place she learnt, and the world is her oyster she believes.. Dreams are but illusions, but hers are aspirations, the reality she wants.

Any hug in a dream, according to the dreambooks, predicts the establishment of an emotional, spiritual connection with a person who you dreamed about. A dream about hugging a girl means improvement at work and a rapid career take off. According to Miller , if you were hugging a girl whom you like and felt happy in a dream, this is a sign that your relations may move to another level. Hugging a woman you know can predict unpleasant news, Miller states. If you felt awkward near your partner in a dream, this may indicate some problems in your relations. Hugging an unknown woman in a dream is a symbol of unexpected arrival of uninvited guests. Hugs of an unknown girl predict intrigues set by your ill-wishers.

The meaning of the dream symbol: Girl Added: 2 September A girl dream is the symbol of maturity, sexuality and love relations. Your situations may depend on how the girl appears in your dreams. Let's find out what they mean in your dreams: Symbolism: If men see the dream of a girl, it is related to their sexual wishes. If they find the girl to be good looking in their dream, then it is a sign of flourishing love relation. Many men also dream of a gorgeous girl kissing them.

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By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. You can find out more by following this link. The dream of a girl is connected to out your own ideas and beliefs and spiritual acceptance and love. Sometimes this dream is connected to a close female in life. For the most part, this dream is about healthy connections with females in your life. You will be pleased to know that this is a positive dream.



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  1. Material Aspects A woman is one of the most common dream symbols, especially in the dreams of men.

  2. When you see a beautiful woman in your dreams, the worst thing is not knowing if she actually exists.

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