Facts about the mandela effect

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facts about the mandela effect

The Mandela Effect: Confabulation or Fact? by Linda Fitak

World maps have changed, bible passages are not as we memorized them, movie lines are different, logos have morphed into things that we dont recognize. Its been called The Mandela Effect, so named because when Nelson Mandela died in 2013, a large number of people claimed that they remembered that Mandela had died in the 1980s. The Mandela Effect is a phenomenon that has hit us on a global level. Is it confabulation or fact? Here is a comprehensive explanation of all the anomalies that have been occurring in our society, making us question the validity of our memories, and the possibility that we might be insane, or maybe we have entered a different universe. This is not science fiction. It is very real, and has been affecting millions of people throughout the world.
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The Freakiest Examples of the MANDELA EFFECT - Part 2

The Mandela Effect occurs when a large mass of people believes that an In fact , Nelson Mandela did not die in the s in a prison—he.
Linda Fitak

What Is the Mandela Effect?

This is the original Mandela Effect website. Now, Mandela Effect discussions are in the wild. To understand what the Mandela Effect is , click this link for the YouTube video. That study may be valid. And yes, we do need a better understanding of memories.

Incorrect recall

Today, this website is an archive of those discussions and theories. Many people remembered nearly identical details of that funeral coverage on American, Canadian, and British TV. None of us could explain that coincidence. Then, new site visitors mentioned other odd memories that were incongruous with reported, accepted history. Since then, the Mandela Effect community has grown to hundreds of thousands of people, connected by extraordinary, similar memories.

The authors do not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and have disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. This might sound stupid, but some people genuinely believe it to be true. The name of the theory dates back to , when numerous people on the internet falsely remembered Nelson Mandela was dead. It was widely believed he died in prison during the s. This is where information you learn after an event can interfere with the way you recall it. Despite psychologists explaining why such misrememberings happen, some people claim these differences arise from the movement between parallel realities , which cause us to remember things incorrectly. This is based on the theory that within each universe alternative versions of events and objects exist.

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