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quotes about hanging on by a thread

The True Value Of A Woman: God Designed You For Greatness by Larry Jackson

This book is written from a completely different perspective than other material of its kind. When this subject is taught in conferences and churches, I guarantee that the audience will hear me say things that neither their mother nor any other woman in their lives has shared with them.

As a father, I understand the way most fathers love their daughters and want the very best for them. It is a fatherís heart to teach his daughter how to avoid the traps that can be set by men who have their own agenda at heart. Fathers have expressed their gratefulness for the principled information shared in this book that will help them with their children.

Everything discussed in this book has its foundation in the word of God. God has given me these insights over the last 25 years as I prayed for and spent time focusing my attention on the women in my life. I will discuss my family more later, but for now know that it consists of a wonderful wife I have been married to for 28 years and 5 lovely daughters whose lives have helped to form much of the natural understanding I discovered.

Before having children, I prayed to have daughters who would embrace the standard of God set forth by the word of God, but I had no idea that He would give me this type of revelation concerning them. In addition to my natural daughters, God has placed in my life many spiritual daughters, all of whom believe they are number one and have more favor with me than any of the others! Therefore it is important that I understand how to increase the happiness and prosperity of the women in my life.

A man who understands the value of a woman will understand her uniqueness, while doing everything in his power to help her increase both spiritually and naturally. Herein is one of the problems in the society: we have lost the secure man who is not threatened by the success of a woman. As you will see, God designed men and women to be successful in every area of their lives. When this is understood they can then become successful together instead working against each other.

Women are such awesome creatures, who were created to be Godís crowning seal of creation. Because of the fall, the woman lost her special place and many of the original purposes for her life have gone unrealized, or in many cases, completely overlooked!
My main focus in writing this book is to help women realize who they are and how special they are to God and should be to man. In todayís culture, the information concerning a womanís value and how much God cares for her can be more than enough to accomplish my earlier claims. But there is so much that has not been fully explored by the church concerning women that a book this size could never include it all.

When I read the bible and study the New Covenant, it is clear that God restored all that was lost in Adamís sin, which would also include the womanís role in the disobedience.
If she is restored with everything else that was corrupted by Adamís sin, then it is time to go back to Godís original intent for her existence and allow her to function the way He designed. Women must be told and begin to operate as Women of God and things that once seemed difficult to accomplish will become easier because things will be in proper alignment.

The world is waiting and watching, so letís get busy putting in place this lost principle of how truly valuable women are and how important their position is to creation!

May God bless you, and happy reading!
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