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Brainless And Unhappy ??????? by Ren Rongrong ???

Brainless and unhappy are nicknames of the two major characters. Brainless is clever but always careless and forgetful. Unhappy knows how to smile, but he is too capricious and stubborn to cooperate and coordinate with others. When brainless works as an engineer to design a building, he forgets to design elevator, resulting in watching a play on the 250th floor requiring one month for a round trip and preparation of food and bedding. Unhappy works as an actor of playing tiger in the play of Wu Song fights the tiger, in which he is reluctant to follow the script to be killed by Wu Song as he refuses to cooperate with other players, leaving the audience in extreme anxiety.. “???”?“???”??????????“???”?????,??????,??????;“???”?????,??????,????????????“???”???????,????????????????,??????,????????????,??????????????????“???”?,??????“????”,?????,??????????????????,????????????……
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Ren Rongrong ???

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