Golf is a waste of a good walk

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golf is a waste of a good walk

Quote by Mark Twain: “Golf is a good walk spoiled.”

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Published 09.12.2018

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Who Said ‘Golf is a Good Walk, Spoiled?’

Dear Quote Investigator : I love to play golf, but sometimes when I am playing poorly I am tempted to simply walk the course and get some exercise. Quote Investigator: No, Mark Twain was probably not responsible for this barb. The earliest appearance of the quip that QI has discovered was in a book about lawn tennis. The players of this sport are the traditional adversaries of golfers in the field of recreation. Individual chapters of this book were written by different authors. The author of the second chapter, H.

“This new game of golf that the summer folks play seems to have too much walking for a good game and just enough game to spoil a good walk.”.
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Everybody's Golf - a waste of a good walk

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It was not Mark Twain, as is often cited. The earliest reference to Mark Twain making this joke is in The Saturday Evening Post in , almost 40 years after he died. The novelist Harry Leon Wilson used the quip in and published it in a novel called The Boss Of Little Arcady in , by which time he had expanded the jape a little, so the published gag was:. For any golfing enthusiast, particularly the new convert or anyone who has tried to persuade friends to club together for an Australian golf tour, this saying will no doubt have been brandished at them by someone not yet enamoured with the joy of playing a successful round on an immaculate course. Thankfully, with packages such as our US Masters golf tours , we can persuade the unconverted with games on courses as beautiful as they are challenging, in parts of the world that offer amazing sightseeing opportunities, entertaining activities and fabulous food and drink.

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  1. Mark Twain? William Gladstone? The Allens? Harry Leon Wilson? Dear Quote Investigator: I love to play golf, but sometimes when I am playing.

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