Speech about not giving up

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speech about not giving up

Never Give Up Quotes (756 quotes)

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Published 28.11.2018

I WILL NOT GIVE UP - One of the Best Speeches Ever by Logan Taylor

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We are most inspired by people who have experienced difficulty and never, ever give up. Luck is great, but most of life is hard work. Sometimes the only way out of stress is through it; face struggle to overcome challenges in life. Many times struggle happens to help teach us a lesson. We can either learn from that lesson or deny it. Sometimes this leads to self sabotage as it's just easier to stay in your comfort zone and avoid risk. However, great things never come from mediocrity.

If you fall down, then get back up and try again. Regardless of what challenges you are facing, you have to keep pushing forward. Each time you get up, that is more character, more strength you have developed. It is always important to set goals for yourself. Never stop reaching for the stars. Sometimes tomorrow is about learning from yesterday. Sometimes persevering means that you need to start over.

Life is a race which is all about winning. But winning is not the only end point. In life, we should understand no one has made great achievements in the first day.
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Some people say that there exist two types of people in this world: successful and failure. But I say there exists only one type of people and that is only successful person. I think there is no person who is a failure. Every man is successful in their life more or less. We all try with our heart and soul to do any work.

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