5 facts about president theodore roosevelt

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5 facts about president theodore roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt: A Life From Beginning to End by Hourly History

Theodore Roosevelt
There was truly no one like Theodore Roosevelt. From a sickly boy, Teddy (as the world came to know him) would transform himself into the apex of vigor and energy. From husband, father and rancher to hunter, governor and president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt led a most extraordinary life.

Inside you will read about...
? Early Life & Education
? Early Political Career and Marriage
? The Old West and a New Beginning
? Early Public Life
? Becoming a National Figure
? Governor and Vice President
? Presidency
? Post-Presidency
? Election of 1912 and Final Years

This was a man who did many things and did them outstandingly well. Roosevelts willingness to go the extra mile, to put fear in the back seat, were qualities that he saw in his beloved country as well. America is a better place for having known Theodore Roosevelt.
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President Theodore Roosevelt Delivered A Speech Moments After Being Shot

10 Interesting Facts About Theodore Roosevelt

Derivative works and other unauthorized copying or use of stills, video footage, text or graphics is expressly prohibited. His accomplishments were considerable. He was a cowboy, a historian, a soldier, and explorer, a hunter, an author, an orator, an environmentalist, family man, and president of the United States. TR maintained a small zoo. The Roosevelt children's family of pets included at least six dogs; a small bear named Jonathan Edwards; a lizard named Bill; guinea pigs named Admiral Dewey, Dr. President Roosevelt loved the pets as much as his children did. He was the first president to leave the country while president.

The future president regularly took midnight rambles to make sure officers were walking their beats. His decision to enforce an unpopular law that banned the sale of alcohol in saloons on Sundays made him a very unpopular figure in New York, but he persisted in the crusade even after receiving two letter bombs in the mail. During his presidency, the noted outdoorsman often escaped the confines of the White House. Roosevelt sailed his presidential yacht on the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers and regularly led hiking expeditions in Rock Creek Park where he would scale cliffs and use twigs and stumps for target practice with his revolver. After strenuous walks along the Potomac, the president on occasion would shed all his clothes and take a plunge in the river to cool off.

Oct 27, Theodore Roosevelt was one of most dynamic Presidents in White Here are some interesting facts about the most dynamic of American.
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10 little-known facts about President Theodore Roosevelt

He expanded the powers of the presidency and of the federal government in support of the public interest in conflicts between big business and labour and steered the nation toward an active role in world politics, particularly in Europe and Asia. He won the Nobel Prize for Peace in for mediating an end to the Russo-Japanese War —05 , and he secured the route and began construction of the Panama Canal — For a discussion of the history and nature of the presidency, see presidency of the United States of America. Though he had already been a public servant for nearly two decades, Theodore Roosevelt became a national hero for his role in the Spanish-American War , especially in leading the Rough Riders regiment. He was president of the United States from to Roosevelt was the second of four children born into a socially prominent family of Dutch and English ancestry; his father, Theodore Roosevelt, Sr.

Theodore Roosevelt was one of most dynamic Presidents in White House history, and on the occasion of his birthday, here are 10 fascinating facts about the 26th President. Born on October 27, in Manhattan, Roosevelt survived the tragedy of losing his wife and his own mother to illness on the same day in , an assassination attempt in , and an extremely dangerous military charge in Cuba in The former President passed away in at the age 60 from a blood clot that had lodged in his heart. He had been in declining health for several years. As a child, Roosevelt witnessed the Abraham Lincoln funeral procession.

At age 42, Teddy Roosevelt became the youngest man to assume the U. He won a second term in Known for his anti-monopoly policies and ecological conservationism, Roosevelt won the Nobel Peace Prize for his part in ending the Russo-Japanese War. He died in New York on January 6, Theodore Roosevelt Jr.

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