Franklin d roosevelt facts about his childhood

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franklin d roosevelt facts about his childhood

A Boy Named FDR: How Franklin D. Roosevelt Grew Up to Change America by Kathleen Krull

Franklin D. Roosevelt was born into one of the wealthiest families in America, yet this ultimate rich kid grew up to do more for ordinary Americans than any other president. This appealing picture book biography shows how, from childhood on, FDR was compassionate, cheerful, determined, and enormously likable. Though he had private tutors as a young boy and later attended an elite boys school, he played pranks and had down-to-earth fun just like any boy today.

Kathleen Krulls animated picture book biography focuses on FDRs childhood years through his entry as a young man into politics and his battle with polio. A summary of his achievements as president and a chronology of his life are included. The well-researched text and the evocative illustrations by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher provide an inspiring introduction to one of our greatest presidents.
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FDR Early Years

For the first eight years of his life, FDR was educated by private tutors. At age nine, he attended his first school, not in Hyde Park but in Bad Neuheim, Germany .
Kathleen Krull

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Baby weighs ten pounds without clothes. Franklin was not breathing at birth. Soon overcoming the birth issues, Roosevelt grew up healthily in a privileged family. Both his parents derived from very wealthy and old New York families of English descent. American businessman and horse-breeder, James Roosevelt I worked primarily in the coal and transportation businesses, and he served as vice president for the Delaware and Hudson Railway and also served as president for the Southern Railway Security Company. As the inheritor of a good bit of wealth and a man who held a distaste for the business world, he retired early to the family estate and focused on his health, which was not always well. His family was Dutch, first appearing in America in

His parents were members of the New York aristocracy. His father, James, was a country gentleman who made money in railroads and coal. His mother, Sara , was a strong-willed woman who adored her only child and remained a central figure in his life until her death in His father died in After being educated at home by private tutors, FDR entered Groton, an elite private school in Massachusetts, in One of the most significant events while he was at Groton was a talk given by his distant cousin, Theodore Roosevelt, whom he greatly admired and went on to emulate in his political career.

Franklin D. He spearheaded the successful wartime alliance between Britain, the Soviet Union and the United States and helped lay the groundwork for the post-war peace organization that would become the United Nations. The only American president in history to be elected four times, Roosevelt died in office in April He was educated by private tutors and elite schools Groton and Harvard , and early on began to admire and emulate his fifth cousin, Theodore Roosevelt , elected president in The couple had a daughter, Anna, followed by five sons, one of whom died in infancy. Roosevelt attended law school at Columbia University and worked for several years as a clerk in a Wall Street law firm.

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Today is the birthday of the only person to run for, and win, the presidency four times: Franklin D. - For the first eight years of his life, FDR was educated by private tutors. At age nine, he attended his first school, not in Hyde Park but in Bad Neuheim, Germany, where his parents were living temporarily.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the 32nd American president. FDR, as he was often called, led the United States through the Great Depression and World War II , and greatly expanding the powers of the federal government through a series of programs and reforms known as the New Deal. Stricken with polio in , Roosevelt spent much of his adult life in a wheelchair. A whole generation of Americans grew up knowing no other president, as FDR served an unprecedented four terms in office. The Roosevelts had been prominent for several generations, having made their fortune in real estate and trade, and lived at Springwood, their estate in the Hudson River Valley of New York State. He was educated by tutors and governesses until age 14, and the entire household revolved around him, with his mother being the dominant figure in his life even into adulthood.

James was a landowner and businessmen of considerable, but not awesome, wealth from New York. He likely joined the Democratic Party in the s and identified with the party for the remainder of his life, although he voted for Republicans on a number of occasions. A widower, he married Sara Delano, who was twenty-six years his junior, in Sara, one of the five beautiful Delano sisters, came from a family of considerable means and was notable both for her aristocratic manner and her independent streak. Franklin spent his youth near Hyde Park, about fifty miles north of New York City, on a large estate and farm tended by hundreds of workers. Insulated from the outside world and schooled at home by tutors until a teenager, Franklin had limited contact with his peers.

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