Fiction books about mental institutions

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fiction books about mental institutions

Fictional Mental Hospital Novels (225 books)

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Published 01.12.2018

my mental hospital story (*trigger warning*)

Fictional Mental Hospital Novels

B oth real and fictional psychiatric institutions are often described in books as places filled with fear, manipulation and danger. Authors frequently take creative liberties to up the intrigue, and frighten their readers with tales of abuse, hauntings and corruption. Although these themes may have been closer to reality in generations past, one hopes that as a society we are progressing toward better treatment and better facilities. I have worked in many mental health and addiction treatment facilities in my career as a psychotherapist, and my experiences in these places helped inform my first novel, The Blind. Its protagonist, Dr Samantha James, works at Typhlos, a fictional psychiatric institution in Manhattan that is suffering from overcrowding and underfunding. Despite feeling caught up in red tape, Sam is an intrepid clinician, doing everything in her power to reach and help her patients — something that is, happily, also a common reality. Typhlos acts as the backdrop for her journey, teetering on the edge of mental illness, and her experience is mirrored in the chaos of the institution itself.

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In , a young novelist in search of a story received a letter from someone claiming to be wrongly incarcerated in a lunatic asylum. We do not know how Wilkie Collins replied, nor indeed, whether the sender was in fact mentally ill, but this letter provided inspiration for the first great asylum novel The Woman in White At the heart of this story is a woman imprisoned by her husband in an insane asylum for his financial gain. The research into Victorian records that I carried out for my novel The Conviction of Cora Burns revealed a rather different picture of asylum life. Handwritten casebooks, which provide a detailed record of the condition and treatment of each patient, suggest that most medics, then as now, were earnest in their concern to improve the health and composure of distressed individuals. Stone Mothers by Erin Kelly

We all go a little mad sometimes. May as well write about it. Some authors take a humorous approach in their autobiographies or memoirs, even ones that deal with serious subjects. Whether bittersweet memoirs, lighthearted anecdotes, serious case-studies or fictional stories, here are 10 books about mental breakdowns, psychiatrists, mental hospitals, asylums and the different yet equally fascinating experiences with them. Conrad was involved in a swimming accident in which his older brother died.

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