Short story about mother and child

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short story about mother and child

For the Love of a Child: Five short stories about mother love by Jenny Twist

A desperate girl trapped in a mother and baby home in 1960s England fights to keep her child.
An old woman hears a song on the radio and remembers the betrayal of her unborn baby.
A little girl disappears into another world and her family moves heaven and earth to find her.
A mother watches her beloved son sail away to almost certain death and vows revenge.
A young man returns to war-torn Spain to save his lover and the child she has fought to keep alive.
Motherlove takes many forms.
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The Wise Mother - Animate Moral Stories for Kids - Panchatantra Tales in English

Story 1: Rose for Mother..! A man went to a flower shop to order some flowers to be wired to a distant place.
Jenny Twist

The Dreaming Priest

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No matter what she will stand behind and protect her child in all the circumstances. She walks hand in hand with her child be it the worst or the best situation in life. She is a motivator who will be there to guard the aspirations of her child. God has sent this wonderful creature on the earth so as to take help a child in its growing stage in learning through the way of life. There have been various courageous stories of a mother which prove that without the existence of this beautiful creature called mother, life would not have been as beautiful as it is now. Here is a story to illustrate the profound power of a Mother:.

In an era where motherhood is becoming so politicized, with questions roiling about having a career versus staying at home, breast-feeding versus the bottle -- even dinner-time choices are scrutinized -- we decided to ask Iowans to do something simple for Mother's Day:. The emails and Facebook posts that rolled in told stories of mothers who gave tremendously of themselves for their children. In one case, a letter-writer said he had to stop, as the tears had started to flow. One mother slipped her wedding ring into her kindergartener's sock to ease a child's fear about seeing her again after the first day of school. Another woman, at age 90, wrote her children and grandchildren a book of her life, a memento that they treasure.

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  1. In words or less, readers share their poignant tales of the bond between mother and child. Have a story of your own? Tell us here for the chance to be.

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