The frightening truth about the future of driverless cars

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the frightening truth about the future of driverless cars

Burden Of Freedom: Discover the Keys to Your Individual and National Freedom by Myles Munroe

The Burden Of Freedom explains that too many people use past oppression to remain mired in hatred and irresponsibility today. The spirit of oppression has specific telltale effects on individuals, communities, and nations. These are identified by Myles Munroe as a hatred for work, laziness, fear, low self-esteem, selfishness, lack of creativity, low initiative, and distrust of those in authority. To break free from these self-replicating cycles of oppression there must be a mental transformation. Paradoxically, freedom requires the need to impose control on self, require more responsibility than slavery, and the decision to accept a destiny of freedom, recognizing the process and discipline that personal and political freedom require. Simply put, The Burden Of Freedom should be available to every citizen and on the shelves of every high-school, college, and community library in the country.
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There’s more to the safety of driverless cars than AI - Bryan Reimer - TEDxWaltham

You've surely heard that self-driving cars are the next science fiction technology to become reality. You might have even read some pros and.
Myles Munroe

Driverless cars: Tesla, Google, Nissan and others shift gears

Are Self-Driving Cars really a problem? An Interesting Challenge! Humans have the option to take control whenever they feel that it is necessary. Another author. The clock in the car changes from minutes to hours quickly and progress of the line of cars is not visible. Thoughts of getting home at a reasonable hour are no longer plausible.

The frightening truth about the future of driverless cars http//ww.
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Self-driving cars are coming. Tech giants such as Uber and Alphabet have bet on it, as have old-school car manufacturers such as Ford and General Motors. The skeptics come from different disciplines inside and out of the technology and automotive industries, and each has a different bear case against self-driving cars. Add them up and you have a guide to all the ways our autonomous future might not materialize. Computers have nowhere near human intelligence.

Imagine a day when getting to work is a matter of telling your car where to go and sitting back to do other things, like watch a movie, hold a video conference or surf the web. That day is coming. Plenty of cars already use sensors, microcontrollers, GPS, radar and cameras to do semi-autonomous things such as keep themselves within a lane and assist drivers from crashing into things. The self-driving car also holds great promise when it comes to sustainability. It can figure out the most direct, least traffic-jammed route and drive without quickly accelerating or braking too hard -- all of which save on fuel consumption. And if someday cars and the road infrastructure are so advanced that accidents no longer happen, car makers could manufacture vehicles with fewer and lighter components, meaning better fuel economy and less material eventually ending up in the waste stream.

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