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no bones about it wow

No Bones by Anna Burns

The shattering and darkly funny debut novel from the author of Milkman, winner of the Man Booker Prize.

This is a book about feelings, family, sex, and Ireland—but dont tell Amelia that. Shes the one growing up in the mad family, in the mad society, who doesnt want to know whats going on. But things are going on: eight-year-olds collecting very peculiar treasure; babies who might be, or might not be, bombs; schoolgirls bringing guns into schoolyards; and, of course, lots of food and bad, bad sex.

If Amelia is to live she needs to change. Can she, though, in a place where people dont know how to look after themselves, and so wouldnt know how to look after one another?
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Published 02.12.2018

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Take the Charred Bone Fragments to Darius. A level Return to Karazhan Quest. Rewards Violet Seal of the Grand Magus, Violet Seal of.
Anna Burns

No Bones About It

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The Charred Bone Fragments still smolder with ancient power. Darius would be extremely interested in examining them and hearing of your defeat of Nightbane. You will also receive: 77 Many years have passed since the blue dragon Arcanagos was slain by the corrupted Medivh. Archmage Alturus sought out the remains of the fallen dragon in an effort to study the Guardian's power. I still have a lot of work ahead to clean up Karazhan, but for now I dare ask no more of you.

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