Cool quotes about being single

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cool quotes about being single

Single Quotes (243 quotes)

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Published 02.12.2018

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Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old single life quotes, single life sayings, and single life proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources. Single is no longer a lack of options - but a choice.

24 Funny Single Quotes

Why does everyone assume that the only way you can be happy is if you are dating someone? It's almost as if being by yourself just isn't cutting it anymore. And just like some of the best single quotes will show you, that kind of thinking just isn't true. Because whether by choice or by chance, you are a single lady. And there is no reason to be ashamed of that, no matter what your mother might say sorry mom! Being single is amazing.

Looking for the best quotes on being single? If you like it feel free to share it with your friends. At least not yet. Are you in touch with all of your darkest fantasies? Have you created a life for yourself where you can experience them? I have.

People seem to always feel sorry for women who are single. Being single is not a death sentence , it's actually really rewarding. Think about it, you can focus solely on being the best version of yourself that you can be and doing exactly what YOU want and need. You won't be single forever or maybe you will. Who cares! You need to embrace your current single status and enjoy the heck out of it. This is the only life you get!

Being Single Quotes I have enough space in my hearts, but we are afraid of Here are some cool being single quotes that throw light on, what being single is.
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Being single does not mean you are lonely. When you are single, you have all the options in front of you to do exactly what you want. This is a good time to nurture newer relations and get to know more people. Unlike the rest of them, you are not bound down by routine, commitments, or schedules. So, you have all the time to explore, enjoy, and understand the world. So just enjoy the status of being single and do not bother for any stray comment that could affect you. It is quite common now to see people getting the state of being single very wrong.

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