All you need to know about welding

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all you need to know about welding

Farm and Workshop Welding: Everything You Need to Know to Weld, Cut, and Shape Metal by Andrew Pearce

Almost anyone can weld, cut or shape metal. That’s the starting point for this supremely practical book which, through tips, suggestions and fault-finding, helps the beginner to improve and the intermediate operator to broaden technique. Beyond welding metals and plastics, advice extends into the wider workshop with chapters on drills, cutting threads, and basic blacksmithing.

Andrew Pearce lays out pitfalls and common mistakes section by section, and then helps the reader to avoid or correct them. Useful if you’re stumped by a problem!

• MMA • MIG/MAG • Gas Welding and Cutting • TIG • Plasma Cutting • Cast Iron • Pipe Welding • Hardfacing • Soldering • Welding Plastics • Drills • Taps and Dies • Basic Blacksmithing
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So You Want To Be A WELDER

What Should You Know About Welding – Beginner Guide by Christopher Joseph

After all, most people know that welding is just the act of joining two pieces of metal together, right? But you begin to read more about the subject and then it appears much more complicated than you first thought. There are so many types, applications, joints and machines, that the whole project starts to become overwhelming. This ultimate guide to welding will show you that this process is not as complicated as some videos, books and blogs would lead you to believe. In effect, so that they can then act as one piece. Think of the chassis on your automobile.

Welding has enough energy to fuse two metals together but if used incorrectly it can cause serious injuries. To get good enough at welding, you will require a lot of effort and time. If you practice this regularly, you will keep getting good at it. Here are some things that you need to know before you start welding:. This step is a must.


The arc is dangerous to both the eyes and skin, and welders need to wear the proper personal protective equipment PPE at all times. These items include: flame-resistant gloves, safety glasses, a welding helmet and a long-sleeved welding jacket. Flame-resistant clothing and steel-toed shoes are also recommended.

Since the dawn of the industrial age, pipefitters and welders have been closely linked together in both the building and metal trades. The fact is, as much as plastic pipe is becoming more common in the plumbing trade, most pipe is metal, and where there is steel there is welding. So with that in mind, here are ten things you need to know in order to achieve quality welded joints. The ring will become discolored, and the welder may refuse to weld the joint. Use lint free rags when cleaning such joints.

Posted by Christopher Joseph on May 01, Welding is an activity that has been around for so long. Although plastic pipes are being installed at a higher rate than metal ones, many pipes are made of metal and need to be welded. As a matter of fact, welding is not a simple task that any Tom, Dick and Harry can perform without learning. The art of welding requires one to be patient, practice enough and acquire the needed knowledge for them to perform it excellently.


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