Interesting facts about our minds

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interesting facts about our minds

Mind = Blown: Amazing Facts About This Weird, Hilarious, Insane World by Matthew Santoro

Matthew Santoros originality and humour has attracted millions of fans, making him a beloved YouTube star. His weekly videos on amazing and little-known facts are eagerly anticipated by his many subscribers and followers around the world. In his first-ever book, Matthews love of weird and wacky knowledge explodes with new facts and stories from around the planet, and beyond. Surprising, and always entertaining, Mind = Blown offers even more of Matthews unique take on this hilarious, crazy world:
The most ridiculous laws from past and present
Crazy doppelgangers of people, places, and unexpected things
Historical wizards who actually lived
Real-life animal avengers
And a special section: Japan Blows My Mind!

From shin-kicking competitions and beer pong-playing robots, to enormous fire-balls shooting through space, you wont believe what youll discover in Mind = Blown. But beware: there is too much astounding trivia for any one mind to contain!
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Published 02.12.2018

10 Facts About Brain Prove You’re Capable of Anything

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Matthew Santoro

30 Amazing Facts About Your Brain That Will Blow Your Mind

It has the ability to send and receive an enormous amount of information. This also means that there are some amazing things you may not know about your brain. This means that dehydration , even in small amounts, can have a negative effect on the brain functions. We actually use all of it. However, high cholesterol has different effects depending on your age and other factors. These neurons move information at different speeds.

The human mind is a true enigma. Even with all of the advances that science has made, there are still many more questions than answers about the way our brain works. And about the true extent of its potential. Science ignores the details of why and how we dream, how exactly our memories are formed and what mechanisms make the development and change of emotions possible. Among many other questions that are still unanswered. Each day, countless experiments take place around the world. All with the objective of unraveling the hidden threads that move our mind.

These brain facts dispel many brain myths based on outdated knowledge. Learn how the brain works, for better or worse. All facts cite original references. In recent years, our knowledge of the brain has exploded — most of what we know about the brain has been discovered in just the last 15 years. Ninety minutes of sweating can temporarily shrink the brain as much as one year of aging does. Sixty percent of the dry weight is fat, making the brain the most fatty organ in the body. Without adequate cholesterol, brain cells die.

The cranium is one of the most astonishing and intricate parts of the body. Here are some interesting brain facts about your gray matter.
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Brain matter

Throughout history, the human brain has been remarkably good at dismissing itself. Everyone from ancient Egyptians to Aristotle has downplayed the role of the mysterious stuff between our ears. Famed anatomist Galen gave the brain credit as commander of movement and speech, but even he brushed aside the white and gray matter, figuring the fluid-filled ventricles inside the brain did most of the work. The average adult brain weighs just under 3 pounds between 1. Some neurosurgeons describe the texture of a living brain as that of toothpaste, but according to neurosurgeon Katrina Firlik, a better analogy can be found in the local health-food store. If you aren't charmed by that description, consider this: About 80 percent of the contents of your cranium is brain, while equal amounts of blood and cerebrospinal fluid, the clear liquid that buffers neural tissue, make up the rest.

Your brain is an intelligent machine, with or without coffee adding some octane. These facts could help you impress fellow brainiacs Which one is the most surprising? Post on my Twitter feed. This is enough to power a low wattage LED light bulb. When you get blackout drunk, the brain temporarily loses the ability to create memories.

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