Quotes about inevitability of death

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quotes about inevitability of death

Mortality Quotes (579 quotes)

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Over time, we came to accept that all good things in life must end: the seventh Harry Potter book; the last few hours of freedom on a Sunday night ; the last grilled cheese flat sold in Dunkin Donuts no, I'm still not over it. Endings are inevitable. And at some crucial point in our childhoods, we all came to realize this doesn't just apply to material objects, but also to ourselves. For the first time, we considered our mortality, and what exactly death meant. Do we cease existing after we take our last breath?

Jean de La Fontaine (This is one of my favorite death quote. Leave a reply .. Because life is fragile and death inevitable, we must make the most of each day.
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Death whether we like it or not, it's coming for all of us. But at least some of history's greatest minds and most well-loved personalities can provide words of wisdom on the matter that might help us feel a little better about the whole thing. Some of these thinkers, writers, artists, and entertainers took a serious look at death while others used humor to quell the anxiety and fear that the subject brings. Whatever the approach, these sad, funny, and inspirational quotes about death shed light on one of the scariest parts of the entire human experience. Such words are especially poignant when they come from beloved people who have since passed away themselves, from Steve Jobs to Anne Frank to Mark Twain. If only we could hear what they have to say about the experience now.

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