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what is silent hill about

Silent Hill Series by Scott Ciencin

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Silent Hill (The Town) RAPID EXPLANATION

Silent Hill (film)

I had a nice conversation with seven or eight people coming down on the escalator after we all saw "Silent Hill. I said I didn't have a clue. They said, "You're supposed to be a movie critic, aren't you? But we work mostly with movies. I guess.

The first installment in the Silent Hill series, the game was released in North America in January , and in Japan and Europe later that year.
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The Opportunity Crunch

Underneath the streets a massive fire burns. The first coal mining operation began in Then in May of , the mine beneath the town caught fire. The fire was believed to have started when the town decided to burn the trash at the landfill. The trash fire traveled through an opening in the mine where it ignited the large coal deposits below. Feeding off of coal and the oxygen traveling through the mine shaft openings on the surface, the fire raged out of control. For the next sixteen years the town attempted to extinguish a fire just below their feet.

Silent Hill is the first installment in the Silent Hill series of psychological survival horror video games. The game was developed by Team Silent and published by Konami. Silent Hill 3 is a sequel set seventeen years after the game, while Silent Hill: Origins is a prequel taking place seven years prior to the game. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a re-imagining of the game set in another universe, sharing the game's original premise. The film Silent Hill is a loose adaptation of the game's characters and plot, set in a different universe. Silent Hill, Maine , is a quiet American resort town known for its very peaceful ambiance, but the memories of a tragic house fire seven years ago, in which a girl named Alessa Gillespie "died", still haunts the town and the townsfolk. Having had his wife Jodie die of disease four years ago, Harry Mason is a single parent with an adopted daughter Cheryl.

Sign in. A woman, Rose, goes in search for her adopted daughter within the confines of a strange, desolate town called Silent Hill. Sharon Da Silva wakes up every night screaming about "silent hill". Pursued by a police officer suspicious of her motives and swerving to avoid another child her adoptive mother crashes the car knocking herself unconscious. When Rose Da Silva awakens to find her adopted child is missing, she searches the fog and ash blanketed town for her beloved daughter.

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