643 things to write about

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643 things to write about

642 Tiny Things to Write About by San Francisco Writers Grotto for Chronicle Books LLC

Eh, its better than a kick in the head.

A lot of the prompts assume greater universality in human experience than there is--write about your first car! write about the first bed you bought! write about something that happened to you when you were traveling abroad!

And then a lot of them are just pretty stupid, even nonsensical. A man lives alone and owns only one place setting. Who does he meet?

I employed this book as part of my Dorothea Brande program of taking a micro-break at work to write, but probably 60/40 when I got to these prompts I just wrote No or went off on a rant about how much I hated them.

You go on a one-way trip to Mars without telling your family youre leaving. What do you say in your first letter home? WHY WOULD I WRITE THEM A LETTER IF I COULDNT BE ARSED TO TELL THEM I WAS LEAVING, WHATS WRONG WITH YOU???

Oh well, at least its short. 298 pages, yes, but theyre wee little things.
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650 Prompts for Narrative and Personal Writing

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