Fun facts about disney world

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fun facts about disney world

Walt Disney World by Laurie Flannery

hmm. not impressed with this one. while i appreciate the fact that laurie flannery clearly loves disney and did her best to pick some interesting facts about the World, i found myself a little bored by reading this.

most probably this is due to the fact that most of these facts i already knew and had heard multiple times over. but then some of the facts were just kind of...lacking in oomph i guess. as in, not interesting.

for example, im not super into measurements and she spent a great deal of time on how tall this thing is and what the diameter of that thing is and im just like ??.

i definitely learned like one or two cool things though, for example, to deter birds from coming into future world at epcot and being a nuisance with their nest building etc etc, disney plays a bird in distress call so that nearby birds will be less likely to want to make a home there. (side note: once i rescued a poor hurt bird that was on the line outside for spaceship earth. people were actually kicking at him and he couldnt really fly well. so i came in like a bat out of hell and he hopped onto my legs and i scooped him up, and with the help of a cast member, brought him backstage to a nice group of trees/bushes.)

all in all, not a bad read per se, but for me it was boring and repetitive since i knew most of this stuff already. so for this reason i wouldnt recommend this book to a disney aficionado, but then again i wouldnt recommend it to a newbie either because its kind of boring...idk. ????
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Top 10 BEST Walt Disney World Secrets - Magic Kingdom Secrets & Facts

22 secrets every Disney World lover should know

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is a top destination for families from all around the world. Walt Disney World Resort is about 40 square miles and opened on October 1, , following the popularity of Disneyland in Anaheim, California. He found this property in Florida and began buying the land for his biggest project ever. There are two water parks: Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. Magic Kingdom opened October 1, , and is the flagship for the resort with acres and the gigantic feet-tall Cinderella Castle. Spaceship Earth is the icon of this amazing theme park.

Think again! Even the biggest Disney World fanatic will be amused, intrigued or surprised by some of the 50 fascinating Disney World facts listed below. The foot-tall Spaceship Earth at the entrance to Epcot weighs approximately 16 million pounds. Check out our Disney World ticket timeline video! We go through all the Disney ticket changes from when it opened in Click the image below!

2. Disney World isnít actually in Orlando

This secret suite hidden inside Cinderella's Castle was originally built for Walt Disney and his family, even though he passed away long before Disney World opened. In recent years, the suite was repurposed as accommodations for special guests. The rooms are decked out with a Jacuzzi tub, 17th century furniture, a Cinderella mosaic floor made with karat gold, and a clock that is perpetually frozen at Unfortunately, you can't actually book a stay there, but Disney holds regular sweepstakes to win a night's stay in the suite. Every morning, Magic Kingdom holds a musical opening ceremony known to Disney fans as the "rope drop. The family of the day gets to take a tour of Main Street before it officially opens for the day and star in the opening ceremonies. Cast members will then escort the family to the Magic Kingdom train station and introduce them to the waiting crowd below.

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