Funny rap songs about food

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funny rap songs about food

Hip Hop Quotes (105 quotes)

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Published 29.11.2018


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The Definitive 10 Best Rap Tracks About Food

Who would have thought that hip-hop would take it this far? These days, Action Bronson reigns as the undisputed king of the culinary rap style, turning mixtape drops into food-blog fodder for the first time ever. There are poetic odes to the humble foods of the have-nots, boasts about crustacean- and champagne-fueled benders, coke-rap allegories that conflate cooking drugs with cooking meals, and even a whole subgenre of lyrical homages to Benihana. The clips are cued up so you can press play and listen the lines—this is rap after all, so delivery is crucial. Written by Chris Schonberger cschonberger and Nick Schonberger nschon. Hungry for more?

Rap music only started in the s, and already there are enough options enough to make this track one of the funniest rap tracks in history.
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Breakfast is a fertile subject for rappers looking for inspiration, and there are dozens of rap songs about breakfast out there. Somewhat surprisingly, rappers love breakfast , though once you start thinking about it, it starts to make a lot of sense. Stacks of dough could be pancakes or crisp hundreds. Syrup is just as likely to be codeine as maple. Anything milky is, well, pretty self-explanatory. The potential for wordplay is endless, but it still takes a certain level of lyrical skill to play with these culinary couplings and make it work.

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  1. These are some of the greatest rap & hip hop songs about food ever recorded. These top food-related hip hop lyrics cover everything from pizza to tacos, collard .

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