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write a story about village

The Village Witch Doctor and Other Stories by Amos Tutuola

Short stories written by Amos Tutuola who passed away in 1997. He was a Nigerian man, who became famous for writing stories based on old Yoruba folk tales. He had a very limited education, but was a wonderful storyteller. Some tales were delightful, some strange. While there was a lesson to be learned from most, sometimes the circumstances at the end of the story were most dire! Somewhat a little different from Aesops. Would recommend if you love African writers, particularly those of fairy or folk tales.
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In a Village by the Sea: Learn English (US) with subtitles - Story for Children & Adults

Writers who spend hours trying to understand another period of history know the value of personal stories. Were it not for the journals and letters from the thirteen .
Amos Tutuola

Why Your Story Matters

Mahi would wake up every day and find her sister, Gita, entering the house with a few flowers. Gita would go to the temple by the sea every morning. Gita was just a fifteen-year-old girl but had to do everything on her own. This was because her mother was very ill and her father was a drunkard. The village Gita and her family lived in was called Bongaigaon which was on a sea bank. The place was a very beautiful one with only hills and small huts around with a calm sea by their footsteps.

I apologize for it being short, but I just could not write more. This jester was a blessing for our village. Who would have thought that this accursed tower would become so harmless? He even brought this emotionless monster to the slaughter house, literally. It asked, like it never did anything wrong, for meat and sausage. I had to control myself not to crack its skull open out of panic.

Were it not for the journals and letters from the thirteen century, we would grasp very little of how those people felt or thought. More people are writing stories today than ever before, and these writings—whether memoir or fiction—published or self-published—will become the repository of our times. Stories reveal us, connect us, and inspire us. And-they leave a legacy. If we learn anything looking at the great writers of the past, we learn that they often appeared unprepossessing and unexceptional. Some of the most ordinary stories have had the most extraordinary impact.

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Maggie Moore Alexander. Chris and I live in the tiny little village of Binsted in the south of England known as the South Downs. There are about 30 houses on Binsted Lane, the single track road that makes a horseshoe off and back onto the main highway, along with several farms, a 12 th century church, and a pub. But when we came here in April of , I was introduced to the richest community experience I have ever known. There are a few families who have always been conscious that we need to stick together as a community. Ron and Jo Withers we are very fortunate to have as our closest neighbors.


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