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Top 100 Romance Novels on Goodreads - Goodreads News & Interviews

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Published 05.12.2018

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This poll is a highlight for us and our readers so lots of appreciation goes out to the voters. There was quite the battle between Devil in Winter and Lord of Scoundrels for first place and after all the ballots were counted, they were checked again. And we do mean eked; of all the points received by the top five titles, Lord of Scoundrels received We do have to say we noticed lots of people voting for any and all Loretta Chase books other than Lord of Scoundrels , but obviously enough people put it on their list for it to achieve the top spot. The only book that cracked the Top 10 was Romancing Mr.

Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. News and Interviews. Get in the mood with our list of the top romances of all time. We narrowed the field by limiting our results to books aimed at adult audiences and books with at least a 3. Contemporary romance is read in the greatest numbers, but we also included results in popular sub-genres like historical and paranormal romance.

Welcome to the results of the AAR Top Romances Poll. This is a reader generated poll we do every five years or so. This year, we.
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We had well over 3, votes in the first two rounds of this poll wow! We knew you all were passionate about romance, but wow! Hundreds of you have voted and we are slowly sorting through thousands of write-ins. Big thanks to our staff! Round 1: Select as many books as you want from the list provided.

Today the long-established website All About Romance released the results of its reader poll of the Top Romances. The site has done this survey periodically over 20 years this post has links to the earlier polls : in , , , , , and now again in The method has varied somewhat over time; in earlier years readers just sent in their ranked lists up to but they could submit fewer items , and readers often used the previous lists to help refresh their memories for the current poll. This year the poll was a combination of reader submitted and site-provided candidates, and the final result was a ranking for the Top 10 and an alphabetical list for the remaining It is a poll comprising responses from people who chose to take part. They were solicited via Facebook, Twitter, the site itself, and perhaps other venues, but as far as I know there were no attempts made to weight the responses to conform to any universe of romance readers. AAR has never claimed that it is representative; I just want to specify the makeup of the poll at the outset.

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