5 things i love about you

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5 things i love about you

Five Things I Love About You by Sarah Ballance

California landscape artist Estelle Donovan hates big cities. Between the grime, the smell, all the drab concrete, and the suffocating summer heat, how can anyone breathe? Housesitting her brothers New York apartment, complete with broken elevator and smoking air conditioner, is her kind of hell. Its only for two weeks, though. What could possibly go wrong?

Dumping a jar of pickles on the hot girl at the grocery store wasnt Crosby Chases finest hour, nor was getting bitten in the butt by the demonic cat on her fire escape. But he is going to change her mind about his beloved city, damn it. In fact, if they could just make it five minutes without falling into bed, he bets Estelle he can find five things shell love about New York.

Falling in love wasnt part of his plan. And with an entire country between them, Crosby realizes he doesnt need five reasons to make Estelle love New York.

He needs one big reason to make her stay...

Each book in the Chase Brothers series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order.
Series Order:
Book #1 Five Things I Love About You
Book #2 For Seven Nights Only
Book #3 The Three Week Arrangement
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Mar 2, 16 comments. I have to tell you, this was a hard list to narrow down!
Sarah Ballance

Father's Day Card - 5 Things I Love About My Dad

Then, flip the printed sheet over and print page 2 on the reverse side. A sturdy brochure paper is best, but regular printer paper works as well. Now color, cut, and fold! Ask your children to think about 5 things they love about the person they are making the card for and encourage them to draw pictures to accompany each item! Kids can then personalize their card on the inside and flip over to draw a small self-portrait.

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100 Reasons Why I Love You

How you are able to find beauty in small things and show me how to appreciate it. The way you challenge me and give me honest life lessons on how I could be a better person. I love you not only because who you are but also because who I am when I am with you. When I am very upset about something, you always listen to my complaints and try to comfort me. But when my anger has died down, you offer me advice on how I can handle things better the next time.

The uncensored list I made for my man. My partner and me are doing a 30 days relationship challenge. One of the challenges we went through so far was to write reasons we love each other. To make the list was really easy. The other part of the challenge was to read it out loud for each other.

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  1. There are a lot of things that sometimes can simply go unnoticed or unacknowledged, one of them being is my love and appreciation for you.

  2. 4. You love me in the times when I'm not capable to love myself. 5. and you go all in to get clarity about the things you don't understand. 8.

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