Story about fish for kindergarten

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story about fish for kindergarten

The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

Im always on the look-out for new, well-written childrens books for my son. We had been reading him: Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed! and Why Mommy is a Democrat.

He loved the story and drawings!




However, he didnt seem to take to them as much as I thought he I decided to find something else as informative, well-balanced and fun to read with my child.

Then I came across The Rainbow Fish by Macrus Pfister.

The Rainbow Fish is a story about a spectacular fish with amazing scales. Soon, other - boring fish - come and request a scale from the fish who turns them all down. The boring fish leave, causing the Rainbow Fish to be lonely. The Rainbow fish goes on a journey to discover why the other fish dont like him.

The Rainbow Fish is soon told by the octopus that it is because he wont share his amazing scales. The Rainbow Fish then goes to the other fish and gives them his scales. Eventually all the fish have a shiny scale and the Rainbow Fish now has only one shiny scale left as well. The fish all play together happily. The end.

Fantastic! A book about learning. Isnt that brilliant?

I suggest that you go buy this book for your children. Its important that your children realize that it is NEVER okay to be different from other children. After all, we as people are not allowed to be stronger/weaker, smarter/less intellectual, creative/logical, physically, spiritually or emotionally better than others. In fact, we should ALL be the same.


And its also important that you teach your children that, in life, they are entitled. If someone has something more - then it is okay to expect that they give it to you. In fact, you should shun them if they dont. If you work hard and have much - please remember you must share it all. Even if you dont want to. Dont expect to be liked just for your personality. You must give everything you have to ensure that you are liked.


Nothing is worse than being unliked. Dont let you children think differently or it could go very badly for them. Your individuality is not precious and there is no degree to which it cant be compromised in order to make people like you. Remember. WHO you are - your morals, intellect, personality and charm arent nearly as important to you as they are to other people. Never be afraid to give away any part of yourself in order to be liked. Just like:

See! Even culture can be bastardized to fit in!

Maybe I am being the grinch. Maybe I am bespoiling a perfectly good childrens book.

Or maybe Im just wondering what the world would be like if all the Rainbow Fish gave away their pretty scales until there werent any Rainbow Fish anymore...


Just think... we could all look like this! Who wants to share an earring?

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Panchatantra Story: The Three Fish

Here are some of our favorite fish books for kids. It has all the components of the traditional tale that kids love with a little twist. Except this story is narrated by the thief, a small fish who took a hat from a big fish. My kids love the humor woven into this tale. Little White Fish is the first in a series of books. As it looks kids explore the colors of the rainbow and meet a variety of sea creatures. Big Fish Little Fish introduces preschoolers to opposites through playful rhyming text.

One day far under the sea there was a lonely fish named bobby. He had no friends because all of the other fish liked to stay quiet and bobby had the voice of a angel. One day while bobby was swimming to the store he saw a big shark named Gasper, Bobby felt really scared because he had never been up close with a big shark before. Unlike other sharks Gasper was friendly, kind, and very sweet. Bobby started to talk to Gasper. From that day one Bobby and Gasper were best friends, but with one tiny problem they had to keep their friendship away from the others because sharks were not aloud to talk to fish. Every day Bobby would sneak away to go see his best friend Gasper.

Once upon a time, there was a fish named George. He lived in the water, as all fish do but something was different about George, he did not like the water. He swam and swam around in the water, and every place he swam, he would find something that he did not like. First, he said that the rocks were to big, then he said that the rocks were too small. Nothing would please him.

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Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Featuring a cast of colourful characters, dynamic weather changes, social leagues, crafting and more to discover! The Pandava brother's were known as warriors. After attaching the fishing line and weight to a sponge fish, put "Freddy the Fish" inside one gallon jar. They were introduced to Japan by Chinese invaders. But the issue isn't just having seafood on our plates.

Print book list. This book, told from the perspective of a dog, is about the problems between humans and pets, and how the dog seeks advice on controlling its owner. Readers love it because they can relate to the interactions between pet and owner. Find Letters from a Desperate Dog at your local library. McElderry Books, 32 pages. One of the sweetest, homiest and quietly comforting picture books ever published.

Introduce kids to both counting and basic addition with this concept book. Reading books like Fish Eyes to your students will help them connect math ideas to their own experiences, prepare them for new math concepts and skills, and reinforce concepts you have already taught. After reading and rereading the book a few times, take some time to count fish and discuss the shapes of the fish in the pictures. Students can trace ovals, circles or triangles and cut them out to make fish using tracers similar to the ones in the image below. Some students prefer to draw their own shapes and cut them out. Depending on your students abilities, provide class book pages similar to the ones below. A class book page could look similar to the ones below or make up your own.

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  1. Story telling is one of the ways to develop good habits in kids. Since the other two fishes were unable to convince the third fish, they left the.

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