Something about mary retard scene

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something about mary retard scene

Tim by Colleen McCullough

Mary Horton is content with her comfortable, solitary existence . . . until she meets Tim. A beautiful young man with the mind of a child; a gentle outcast in a cruel, unbending world - he illuminates the darkness of Marys days with his boyish innocence. And he will shatter the lonely, middle-aged spinsters respectable, ordered life with a forbidden promise of a very special love.
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Sitting through all six hours of this DVD is like serving a small prison sentence for a mild but unpardonable crime. Some of the elements may have a limited appeal -- students of advertising may enjoy seeing all 13 TV ads -- but overall there's a deadening effect. Even those who would be fascinated to learn the optimally funny way to ignite and extinguish a retarded man's pants will find the discussion as lively as a hearing by the House Ways and Means Committee. The cornerstone of this new package of excavated treasures is the new material -- the 13 previously cut or extended scenes. We're not talking the kind of restored scenes that help make sense of ''Once Upon a Time in America. The only one that might have generated any buzz is one in which the sleazy private eye played by Matt Dillon asks Mary Ms.

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What a blessed relief is laughter. It flies in the face of manners, values, political correctness and decorum. It exposes us for what we are, the only animal with a sense of humor. OK, five explosive, one moderate. I love it when a movie takes control, sweeps away my doubts and objections, and compels me to laugh.

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  1. [after telling Mary that he's an architect]. Pat Healy: Really, it's only a side thing for my true passion. Mary: And what's that? Pat Healy: I work with retards.

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