Famous poems about failure and success

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famous poems about failure and success

John Keats Quotes (Author of The Complete Poems)

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Published 06.12.2018

Famous Failures Before Success

Failure And Success - Poem by David Harris

How do you truly define success? Or simply trying you're very best? Is it defined by the scoreboard, you're record or victories? To be honest winning really doesn't mean nothing to me. People tend to always get winning and success mixed up, and if someone fails people assume they just didn't work hard enough. Perseverance truly defines the winners in life, and those who are truly successful did not only fail once, but more than twice.

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I do not think all failure's undeserved, And all success is merely someone's luck; Some men are down because they were unnerved, And some are up because they kept their pluck. Some men are down because they chose to shirk; Some men are high because they did their work. I do not think that all the poor are good, That riches are the uniform of shame; The beggar might have conquered if he would, And that he begs, the world is not to blame. Misfortune is not all that comes to mar; Most men, themselves, have shaped the things they are. Nice poem about successful men that they worked hard to deserve the result. Thank you for sharing.

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