Poems about giving up hope

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poems about giving up hope

Giving Up Quotes (204 quotes)

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Published 29.11.2018

Never Give in - An Original Poem

Don'T Give Up Hope - Poem by Lovina Sylvia Chidi

When nothing is going your way, and the pessimism holds sway. Don't Give Up. When your eyes are filled with tears, sorrowfullness is all which appears, Don't Give Up. When, in chilly winters, you perspire With resenting thoughts and constant ire Don't Give Up. When surrounded by people with a look askance and nobody is willing to give you a chance Don't Give Up.

Sometimes life is against you You see it turning From dark to darker Wishing it's just a nightmare And soon you'll wake up Wishing it's just the night And soon there will be light But you realize you were wrong It's all very true It's neither a nightmare nor the night It's just things are no longer right In a corner you sit

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When you feel like the world's at it's end, Or when your heart seems to break, unable to mend, Never give up hope, Because life holds it's own beautiful plan. When you feel directionless, or confused, Or when loneliness creeps into you, Never give up hope, Because two thousand miles away, someone's thinking about you. When you feel anguish to the core, Or when your beating heart's at war, Never give up hope, Open up the door, I'll be there to listen, 'cause that's what friend's are for. A wonderful uplifting message for all. Something great can be just around the corner. A '10! Best Wishes, Marilyn Report Reply.

Next Poem. When you're going through life's valleys, And you think there's no way out, You're not the first to feel this way. There's hope, without a doubt. It was easier many years ago, Thought life would stay that way, But now you feel like crap, And it seems it's here to stay. Your friends have tried to help, But you tell them it's no use, You think one has it in for you, It seems you can't get loose. Set the problem aside today, Have fun and take a break. You have no idea until you try it.

I was always a state of confusion to you. And eventually you gave up on finding a medium. Leaving the room dark Shutting the door behind your spine And for me and mine That was enough to get me to smile. Static Sphere Lying down on a messy couch, a bloody red spread on the outside, the inside soft spoken and taken advantage of with its fluffy, gentle, white heart. The weight on the chair stares, eyeing the loud flatscreen TV, overseeing its insecurities. My ears ring, seeming to be hypnotized by it. Visuals, dark as shadows sneaking around in the silent, midnight outdoors.

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  1. Don't give up hope Don't give up hope There is still a whole slew of scope in hope I know how you feel Your predicament is unpleasant and real Before you crumble and stumble Like a lone wolf in your solitary struggles I hear the sadness in your tongue Realize that your suffering will pass Its duration may be long Hang in there, be strong I know the words to your plightful song You are not where you wish to belong But giving up hope is forever wrong A flower never fumbles and gives up hope While waiting for its daily water Hope is all to it that matters Don't give up hope Don't give up hope Clutch on tight to all ropes There is still a whole slew of scope in hope Copyright - Sylvia Chidi.

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