Best books about rich people

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best books about rich people

Popular Rich People Books

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Published 06.12.2018

15 Business Books Everyone Should Read

Here are 5 satisfying books about rich people problems. While I personally think this is Hilderbrand's best, many of her other books that strike.
E. Lockhart

How the Other Half Reads: 11 Novels About the Rich & Powerful

Do you wish there was a novel version that detailed the exploits of the Lisa Vanderpumps and Kim Kardashians of the world? Well, you're in luck—there's a wealth of reading material out there. These ten novels explore the lavish lifestyles, passions, greed, and scandals of the fabulously rich. Paul Van Zale is a successful Wall Street man until the irresistible Dinah Slade walks into his life, threatening his livelihood and his marriage. And you thought the Kardashian family tree was complicated.

How the Other Half Reads: 11 Novels About the Rich & Powerful

Here are five satisfying books about rich people problems:. Every family has their quirks, but the Plumb family takes dysfunctional to a whole new level. All of their dreams are about to become reality. When a drunken car crash with a year-old waitress lands Leo in rehab, all of their carefully laid plans are in jeopardy. Also, can we talk about that cover? Straight-up gorgeous. The Perfect Couple centers on the Otis-Winbury wedding, which takes a turn when a body is discovered in the harbor on the day of the ceremony.

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