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wise ones wheel of time

Wheel Of Time Quotes (36 quotes)

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Published 23.03.2019

Soundtrack for The WoT: The Knowledge of the Wise Ones

EWoT : Nevarin.

Wise One apprentice

EWoT : Amys. Amys is slim and tall, with blue eyes and long white hair that hangs to her waist. She can channel quite strongly; Egwene thinks she is stronger than most Aes Sedai. Along with Melaine, she is best at interpreting the dream. She used to be a Maiden of the Spear. In her late teens, she was with the group of Maidens that tailed Tigraine Mantear as she entered the Aiel Waste.

All women who can channel are required to become Wise One apprentices at a certain age, while those who cannot channel are allowed to choose whether or not to train as Wise Ones. If a channeler is a Maiden of the Spear , she must give up the spear and enter the apprenticeship. To become a Wise One, a prospective apprentice must first go to Rhuidean and enter a ter'angreal much like the one used by the Aes Sedai in the White Tower for the test to become Accepted. However, instead of facing one's fears, the Rhuidean ter'angreal allows the user to see their future, laid out for them many many times in variation. Hence an apprentice can be understood to be the equivalent of an Accepted at the White Tower, bypassing the rank of Novice entirely.

EWoT : Bair. She cannot channel. She had Amys as an apprentice under her before Amys became a Wise One. Bair has a creased, grandmotherly face and white hair. Her voice is reedy, but strong.

Every Aiel woman who can channel or Dreamwalk will be trained as a Wise One, though there are also many Wise Ones who can do neither. The ability to Dreamwalk seems to be a much more common ability, or at least better developed, among the Aiel than it is on the other side of the Spine of the World. All Wise Ones are trained in the use of herbs and healing. Until recently, the fact that Wise Ones could channel was not known by people other than the Aiel, and all Wise Ones avoided contact with Aes Sedai for fear of being taken to the White Tower. Even among Aiel, most Wise Ones who channel only seldom do so, and then usually only around other Wise Ones.

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